College Savings / 529 Plans

Many families utilize College Savings Plans or 529 Plans when making payment on their student account. These payments must be requested through your plan. They are not initiated through the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Typically, you can ask that payment be made directly to the University from your Plan. Please be sure to allow for sufficient time when making payment in this way. Your Plan must have time to process the payment and mail time must also be considered.

Refer to the Nebraska Educational Savings Trust (NEST) and the College Savings Plan Network (CSPN) for instructions specific to your Plan.  CSPN provides information on plans throughout the United States.  You can search by state.

Mailing Address for Payments Made Directly to UNL

The snapshot below is Section 2 of the NEST Withdrawal Request Form. Regardless of which plan you are with, this address should be used for any payments directly to UNL. Please also be sure to include your student’s 8-digit ID number in the appropriate Student ID field.