Paying Your Bill with Foreign Currency

As of August 2022, Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) began transitioning their branding and communications to use their new name, Convera.  You will see this name reflected in websites/correspondence going forward.

NOTE:  A Foreign Currency payment is a ‘pending’ payment and does not apply to your University of Nebraska –Lincoln student account until all of the following steps are completed.

Step 1  Login

Students – Login to MyRED. Click on the blue “Pay Bill" link.

Parents/Others – Login to the UNL E-Payment System(If you do not have Authorized Payor access, contact your student.)

Step 2  Make a Payment

Select “Make a payment” at bottom right of Overview screen. 

Overview screen

Enter the dollar amount you would like to pay in US dollars in the Amount field and click “Continue”.  Your payment cannot exceed the current student account balance (which will be displayed on the page).

Make a Payment screen

Step 3  Select Payment Type

Select the third option from the dropdown “Foreign currency” and click “Continue”.  At this point, the Payor will be redirected to the Convera (formerly Western Union Business Solutions or WUBS) site to complete their payment per Step 4 below.

Select Payment Type dropdown

Step 4  Complete Foreign Currency Information

You will be redirected to the Convera (formerly WUBS) site to complete your payment.  Convera facilitates UNL’s foreign currency student payments.  To complete the Foreign Currency payment, the payor will need to:

  • Select a Country and agree to amount being paid
  • Select payment method
  • Agree to prepopulated student information which was forward to Convera (formerly WUBS) by UNL
  • Provide information about the payor
  • Review the instructions on how to complete the payment to Convera (formerly WUBS)

Step 5  Submit Payment

Verify the information entered.  A copy of the receipt with the “Payment Instructions” attached will also be emailed to the address you provided.

Step 6  Deliver Instructions to Your Bank

Deliver the “Payment Instructions” to your bank within 72 hours.  The quoted exchange rate is only valid for that time frame.  Your foreign bank will transfer funds via Convera (formerly WUBS) to the University of Nebraska –Lincoln.

Step 7  Payment Posts to Student Account upon Final Settlement

Payment Posts to Student Account upon Final Settlement - Once the payment is received via Convera (formerly WUBS), the payment will post to your student account and can be seen on MyRED.  Until this settlement, the payment is only PENDING and will not be seen on MyRED.

CAUTION:  A new transaction must be initiated in the UNL E-Payment System each time payment is made.  Never use payment instructions from a previous transaction when making payment by foreign currency.  Each payment is unique and needs to be properly identified or it will be delayed and possibly applied incorrectly.