What fields can be carried forward from CASHNet into SAP?
Both the Name/Text field (depending on what screen you are in) and the User Defined field in SAP can be populated from data entered into CASHNet.
I'm locked out of CASHNet.  What do I do?
Contact the Bursar Office's Office at 472-1734 or bursar@unl.edu.  Your password will be reset and you will be emailed a new one.
What do I send with my money?
You only need to send your completed Departmental Deposit Form.  The Form should be populated with the contact information of the individual that entered the Deposit into CASHNet.  A printout of your deposit detail should not be forwarded to the Bursar Office.
Does CASHNet time out and after how long?
The system does time out.  This occurs after 15 minutes with no activity.